Monday, September 3, 2018

Some interior finishing touches

Starting to ramp up for a bit again before the next round of travel takes me away!

I can't complain about the's nice to just enjoy some time going slow and relaxing these days...but I've had a few projects that were thought out and planned with all the materials that I hadn't executed so....this weekend was the time to get it done.

First I needed to trim out the octogon window I cut out a solid board to cover up the back side of the t111 and hide the edges of the octogon frame. I have more to do...this was just phase one...but still satisfying....stay tuned for the big reveal later on!

Then I and hung my sliding mirror... I found some mini barn door hardware onkine suitable for cabinets it claimed and created a backing for the unused mirror I had lying around. Drilling the holes was the tricky part and I actually did pretty well with it since the hardest was going to cover the places around the holes that looked damages. However, I didn't fare so well when installing the hardware with the mirror. I got three of the four bolts on and was doing good when the fourth bolt broke the camel's back, as they say. Just a tad too much pressure on top of me using a leftover slightly warped board that I glued the mirror to.

drilling the holes

sliding mirror installed!
Oh well, I don't believe in bad luck and it was easily covered by some embellishments....besides I was just so grateful it didn't crack down the middle!!! So I'm happy!

I painted the back so it can be visible when over the window...I think it came out pretty well...even if not perfectly lined up! -wabri-sawbri 😆

the backside of the mirror
view from outside looking in.

Last but not least was finishing my flower power lights that I started back in June! Finally, those are out together and hung...I may add to them more later...but for now...yeah, I get mood lighting with like 16 different colors!
my cozy little corner
the whole put together look so far!

Also prepped the deck with a Power wash and tomorrow plan to slap on the stain to protect it for the next six years! To prep for that, I also did some touch-up paint to clean up the outside where white got on the blue from painting the roof.

deck prep...even after a year it needed the wash!

big white spots are now gone!
All this and I still managed to swim in the river often, ride my bike 🚲 and dinghy down river to the free concert in Newburyport to see the barebacked ladies! Good times! 😁

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