Saturday, October 28, 2017

wall to wall done

Yeah got all the walls done today!!!

Well all of the base will be later...

Gorgeous weather and friends (thanks Dawn, Dave and Carlo!) helping all day! What a great life!

And of course there were plenty of screw ups today...including this! I noticed the header in the wrong orientation as I left tonight! and learn!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Walls are finally going up!

It was a landmark day today finally able to build the HIUSE part of my dreams!

It feels like a long time of dreaming, planning and preparing just to get to this phase and suddenly it feels like it will happen so fast!

Had a friend help this morning with the first wall, then I did the second wall by myself! Another friend helped me out them up and now...I can see it all happening right before my eyes!

Here are some pics so you can too!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The waiting game ends...the skeleton will be ready before Halloween!

I've been waiting on the Marina for almost three weeks and I've had enough!

It is time
to get the building GOING!

I've spent the time to finally go back to the drawing board with my new dimension (10' x 20') and did a general layout of the walls and roof. 

After a brief consultation with my knowledgeable carpenter friend...I will update the plans tonight and lay out the wood into their wall sections tomorrow ready for assembly on Sat! I can hardly believe I will have the walls and roof skeleton done this weekend!

All the warping that happened earlier was beautifully fixed with my care in placing six jacks spread out strategically under the structure. 

I gave up on trying to float test it, just can't wait for the marina any longer....besides I (and many others) are convinced it will float just fine!

I've ordered straps from the lumberyard that they use to bundle the wood piles I've been ordering, they have been fantastic at helping me find solutions to issues coming up and supplying me with the resources (at a reasonable rate too!). Jackson Lumber....I love you guys, man!

Plenty to do....and I'm so happy I'll be completing my goal to have this enclosed before the cold weather arrives (and what a birthday gift to myself that will be!)! yeah!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fixing my Failures

Today was a somber day and a day of excitement.

Friday the 13th...unlucky or lucky?

Trying to fix my self-imposed warping failure I was able to dump 6,000 lbs of water onto the raft and soak it for the day.

Hoping the soaking will soften up the wood enough to allow me to jack it up this afternoon in hopes to straighten it all out. Crossing my fingers.

Luckily, to distract myself from stressing over it...I took a road trip 2+ hours north to Vermont to pick up my dream sliding glass doors!

A total steal at a mere $300 I will have almost one entire wall (12 ft sliders) made of glass in my home!

i'm so stoked!

Wall to wall

Thursday, October 12, 2017

All filled ready to go

I'm chomping at the bit to get this thing in the water and tested so I can start the walls.

I arranged for the float test on a Monday (last week) and Sunday I filled up barrels to the half float capacity.

Then it rained and they put me off. Then the boat hauler hurt his ankle and I'm still waiting.

And now...In a cup stable moment online ...I confess....I didn't think about the consequences and now I may have set myself back further.

Two days of rain and all that weight improperly distributed caused some.massive warping of the entire frame.

Tomorrow I will have to dump the barrels, soak the deck and try my hardest to level it off to see if it will flatten back out.

Shit...I'm such a fucking novice....

Friday, October 6, 2017


I finally got the subfloor and deck done with help from two friends...And a nail gun! Yeah some big time progresses being made now!

Insurance at last!

I haven't given up. I just needed to walk away and take a break. So, I am walking 2,000+ miles from Georgia to Maine on the appalachian ...