Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ice shuffleboard

 I've been into the holidays and hence the big "break" from my momentum. I have to admit it is much more of a challenge getting going in the cold darker days.

But the winter solstice has passed and the days are only getting longer now! And I have a mere three months to get the interior finished up so I can focus on the exterior and floatation once again.

This next few days will be spent planning out all the wiring for both AC and DC add well as the plumbing and loft. Then, I'll be back at it big time!

In the meantime time, there's the simple task of just keeping the access clear and unburdening the load on the flat roof. I checked on it today and whew... Good thing... Couple inches of ice had built up on the roof and I was more than happy to do the work to clear it off. Besides the stunning views, it was actually fun! I played ice shuffleboard and won! ;-)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

She can see

Today some of the windows went in and it gave my.little home her eyes to the world!
(Thank goodness I got some excellent help on this phase as I didn't want to mess up the siding with bad cuts!)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Window prep

Today was a mellow work day cutting supports to get ready for installing the world news tomorrow.
First I took care of the mini double hung I got for the bathroom ($99 and it was the only new window I bought!) It was the perfect after thought to my dream of having an opening sliding window that didn't need to be framed in while I built the walls.
Cutting 45 degree angles on both sides of the wood to fit the octagon windows

The placement of the mini bathroom window.

The octagon window under the loft.

The kitchen octagon window

And after a couple of iterations it fits nicely!

Just a little stain

It is amazing what a little change in color will do. I needed to do something creative today so, with a decently non cold day and my space heater I decided to get the beams ready for being exposed. I have an idea in my head about what I want the ceiling to look like that will likely drive the rest of the interior design/decorating.

Step one was to get the color up. It will be the theme accent color throughout. I chose it based on the look, but also because it matches an herb box I already made a few months ago. It was just to boost I needed to see this little place taking shape!

Loving how it turned out!

I also got supplies and the place cleaned up for installing windows this weekend! That will be the next huge step in making this little box really feel like something worth living in! I'm so excited to get the in.!

Insurance at last!

I haven't given up. I just needed to walk away and take a break. So, I am walking 2,000+ miles from Georgia to Maine on the appalachian ...