Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Finished with fortifications!!! I'm ready to float (again!)

Today I was determined to tackle the rest of the issues I was having. Each one I have worked on has opened my eyes to new solutions for the other's actually been quite an enjoyable process, now that I have no expectations on a launch date (or help from others).

So, I went to my trusty local hardware store....which I now will ALWAYS do over Home Depot ANYDAY!!! The guys at Amesbury Industrial are AMAZING...,
the gang at Amesbury Industrial Supply

Shout out to Greg and Scott and Jim who have all helped me endlessly with their ideas and know-how! (and kind words of encouragement and support)

 Luv you guys...seriously! ;-)

Ok, today Scott looked at these pics and we had a brainstorming session with how to get this to work. My idea for securing the verticles was to secure 2 2x6's infront of the beam then drill lag screws into the beam through the 2x6. Scott helped me round up the hardward to accomplish the job.

Scott also introduced me to the auger drill that would help me get through the 6x6 effortlessly with a straight well as a make shift guide from some piping just to make sure (although the auger bit ended up being plenty good without it anyway)

lag bold made it through easily!

the completed project!!!

I was able to use 2x6 blocks to wedge the vertical 6x6 beams in place which was done out of desperation because Cambyr didn't want to help me on "my dream" anymore. (preferring to do her in the house routine)...but it was better structurally as I'm glad I was forced to come up with a two hand one person solution anyway!

I could hardly believe it when I cleaned the site up and stepped back...all the requirements the marina made of me I had successfully accomplished on my own within a reasonable timeframe! I am so proud of me right now...if I do say so myself.

I'll talk to the guys to find out my launch date and keep you all posted....NOW it's really happening!!!

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