Thursday, June 27, 2019

clearing the way

Stopped by the marina a little too late today to talk to Lance the guy moving my place....

But, was very happy to see the boats and other debri (btw that is the name of my tiny floating home...that's why its "other" debri... ha ha)

So excited as it feels like the light at the end of a looooooonnnnnnngggggg ass tunnel!

Once our tiny floating homes are moved, Dave, my buddy and carpenter helper from the very beginning, will be able to finally move his camper trailer from inside the garage to outside to feel the breeze and see the water and trees...

He's been in the hospital for a few months with puss and infections surrounding his heart. It broke mine yesterday when I saw him walk across the yard with a rolling walker at a slow pace. This 6'2" imposing man that used to effortlessly hoist huge beams high up for me is now thin as a rail and hardly recognizable and can barely walk across the boatyard.

I gave him a huge hug so happy to see him recovering "at home" at last.

I'm so grateful to him always believing in me and what I could do with the proper attitude. He set me up with so many opportunities to learn and experience and I hope over the years I can figure out creative and exciting ways to continually pay him back!

I love that guy so much...he's a one in a million and I wish the best for a speedy recovery so he and I can sit on the deck of my tiny floating home with our feet dangling in the water and a heart-healthy drink and raise our glasses to all that life has offered us and all that we have put into it to end up together on the water at last!

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  1. Those kind of a persons are the most important in the world!


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