Thursday, May 31, 2018

some flower power

I bought some LED colored lights that I love...they have a remote control and make it so nice being able to change colors according to my mood or needs. However I didn't want to just mount them as is on the wall....I wanted to be able to bend them down for reading or up for dancing!

So I started to think about it as I walked the isles of Home Depot and talked to associates to get ideas. Then BINGO it hit me! I used conduit with wires in it that was wide enough to accept the plug end of the light into the transformer.... It bends great and was easy to cut with hedge clippers!

cutting the chords

cool! everything fits like planned

Sketching out with proper tools ;-)

The goal would then be to use blocks of wood to create flower heads (I'm trying to bring nature indoors).... then I could mount the light on the wood and use the wood to conceal the tubing with the wires. I might do the same thing at the other end to mount it on the wall near the transformer and the remote sensor. Can't believe I'm making my own lamp fixtures! Wow! this is so fun!
just need to cut it out and I've got me some flowers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tung it baby!

Taking my time trying to do it "right" I have sanded my countertops and previously applied a coat of tung oil and gave it 24 hours to cure.

Tonight I applied a second coat and am so happy with the natural beauty that is being exposed from the process...
below...rough cut lumber natural
above...treated with two coats of tung oil!

It's been fun, on this journey, to build things from scratch getting as close to nature as I can...
I'm learning more about the natural nature of things, how much I can do on my own, as well as how to bring out my own natural state in the process.

Going back to the basics, simplifying my life and the things in it, reducing, reusing and finding renewed enthusiasm each day in learning from nature has guided me in this's brought a youthful joy back into my life...and like the wood...the before and after images show a huge and beautiful change!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Looping ends today!

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a "loop". 

Often we are completely unconscious of it until months or years pass and you realize you are saying or doing the same things over and over again. It could be anything from a simple habit to a major interaction with someone specific. 

I thought about this much over the course of priming and painting my little home. 

At first layer, it was fun and exciting...covering up the brown T1-11 with a new clean slate of white...feeling a youthful excitement about the possibilities and the creative finishing touches to the project. The fun started to wear off as each width of the repeating board patterns felt the same and started to feel endless. I started to notice how much primer was soaking into the roller then not covering quickly as I had hoped. Suddenly it became a burden I wanted to rush and just be done with.

But, because I can't help myself and because my mantra is very serious to me...."enjoy the journey" I needed to regroup. This project isn't just about "getting it done" it's about finding enjoyment in the process and feeling the pride and joy of actually DOING.  And so, with a strong desire to have a fresh change in my perspective, the spray gun entered the scene and I took another look at the task before me and slowed down to enjoy each inch of the process. It wasn't easy at other responsibilities and other joys neglected, but this was MY I had to be happy with it....and I was...I am.

I realized quickly during each pass of the loop that I had missed so many little things from the previous loop. White streaks and dots showing up in hard to reach places were evident during the second blue coat. Even places where I thought I was being conscious and thorough still had places I missed. Wow, what a huge and obvious life lesson to me!  Looping can be a good thing! We need it sometimes to help us cover the things we missed or weren't ready for the first time around. Each pass my technique got better, each pass my focus on troubled spots became clearer, each pass I became more patient, more observant and aware.

In the new joy I found painting the first blue coat and followed by today's second blue coat I realized that the looping in this project (and life) is such a positive thing....IF we are making progress in each pass. And yet, how many times do we loop with no forward progress, feeling stuck?

Prime example (pun intended ;-) ) is a woman down the street. I've watched her for over 18 years rake her driveway almost every day. It started off as a level gravel driveway that at first needed to be smoothed out. However, her seemingly unconscious "looping" has actually caused more damage than benefit after all these years....
a snapshot oif years of unconscious "looping"
Now, there are bumps and valleys where it was flat and hard exposed rock that used to be covered and no sign of gravel any longer. And yet, every day she finds a reason to get out there and incessantly rake that driveway....apparently out of habit (or maybe it's her chosen form of workout!?).

Think of that image as the symbol of looping in a relationship, or a thought process or anything else that doesn't serve you. Well, I thought of that image as I finished off my blue-tiful paint job happily knowing my looping had purpose and brought me to a better place. 

Glad it's done, but glad it was me that got it done!
I am sooooo satisfied with the end result. I am so happy I did things the "right" way and took my time and gave time to integrate between each successive "loop". I feel I now truly know every inch of that if I am getting to know every inch of my own own soul. And though I have found journal entries 18 years back expressing some of the same things I feel now....I know my "loop" has been spiraling upward and I am in a better place, having learned from each loop in the series.

And so I have looked at looping in other areas of my life and have taken appropriate steps to correct them as well. Seeing where it is valuable and helps in progression, and which things just lead to a dead-looping-no-end!

Am I am happy to know that radical desire, awareness accompanied by action will break the cycles and bring out something more constructive....a spiraling upward into the great blue yonder of endless possibilities!

Friday, May 25, 2018

roofing is ordered!

OMG....the next big phase for me is underway!

I just spoke with Ian from Conservation Technologies who has been patiently helping me along in this process. I wanted to do the EPDM rubber waterproofing system like Erin did on her tiny floating home, however, I have a trickier situation....the joists sticking out!

It's both an aesthetic and functional choice leaving the beams exposed....however, it is causing some headaches for finishing the roof off. I was looking into rooftop decks from tufdek but after going back and forth for a few weeks with Grant, we realized that their systems just wouldn't be water-tight with my design.

So, I went back to Ian my guy at Conservation Technologies and although he advised against the EPDM for the same reasons Grant did, he highly suggested the Acrylic option....and now, after painting and noticing the beginnings of rot on the outside edges of my roof plywood...I will do what it takes to get it all safely and tightly waterproofed....even if it takes extra effort and work!

So, I plan to do one roof at a time (or alternating while they dry) starting with the loft. I'm so excited because now I can finally get the boat hatch and the chimney in!

I'll be getting a white top because it is the coolest to walk on and keeps the house cooler in general plus, it will be like walking on a cloud in my little sky blue home! It will be arriving next week, hopefully in time to start on the weekend.

I'm really nervous about the application of it, but like all things on this project...taking one step at a time and things seems to work themselves out!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Oh my stars!
Or "starless night" I might say....since that is my paint color of choice for the exterior.

I like to have meaning sprinkled throughout my choices lately, makes me feel more hugely involved in my own life and mindful of my believe it or not, the exterior color of my home is no exception!

Blue...a deep dark mysterious blue, one that pulls you into the depths of calm and inquiring...that can look black on some days and a brilliant blue on others depending on the surrounding conditions (kind of how I can feel all black and blue literally and figuratively). It's the color of special eyes that have a window to the soul. It's always been one of my favorite colors. It's the color of my element....water. It represents the vast oceans and also endless skies both within and without. And since we are all is where I the starless night to take up space!

Now that you have the's the mechanics of how today went.....

Well, it started of with lots of stars....Like wtf*ck and sh*t.*** :-)

I cleaned the paint sprayer after the primer, but evidently not quite good enough...I managed to deal with it for the bow wall, the loft wall and starting the starboard wall...but...well, Jackson Pollack is probably the only one who would have said "Keep going, looks great!"
actually quite artistic...

just not great for waterproof coverage!

I managed to get frustrated enough to take it apart and do a thorough cleaning. And boy, did I learn my lesson about THOROUGH! 

After I cleaned it up and had it all working smoothly again, not only did it go faster was way more FUN! (and I'm all about making things more fun these days!)

It still took way longer than I had anticipated...I was up before the crack of dawn and didn't finish everything until around 3:30pm!

Oh well, coat one is on and will have a day or two to cure before the next rain storm. 

Then....round two....wanted to type I'm not looking forward to it...but hey, gotta enjoy the can't fecking wait to do this all over again! Yipee!

had this side done by 7:30am

and eight hours later (what! seriously!?) First coat on the "boat"!

Ok, I'm happy with how it looks...stoked for the deeper coverage of round two!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

sand storm

Trying to fit in working on all the components for getting afloat this summer wherever I can...and tonight was simply sanding.

I had a nice time just feeling the wood get smoother and smoother with each pass....if only I had a  tool so effective for my own life! ;-) WAIT....I do actually, and it's been really fun implementing them all....just waiting to see the shiny smooth results! And like everything, it takes patience and time...which, right now, I have a ton of!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

it's the little things...that make up the big things

I spent today focusing on one small task to lead the way for the big huge monumental task...rebuilding the flotation.

I woke up with a new clearer vision in my head about the direction I need to go in (and thanked the universe for the inspiration)...the only problem is after I ordered the initial boards to get phase one accomplished and did the work today to prepare....gulp, I realized, (gulp again)....I will have to move support stands in order to accomplish this. No easy or comfortable task!

Yup, once again, no "easy" way out....but I guess that's the pattern I'm noticing these days....nothing has been "easy".

And yet, I already knew that starting this project....I knew that as of the last almost 3 years. That's what happens when you wake up one day and could have "easy" and be "asleep"...or you could take the "path less traveled", follow your heart and passion, while hugely involved and fully awake...and naturally, it's harder, takes more effort, more time, more patience, more desire, more humility, more drive, but the payouts are proportional to what you put into it.

....and so, harder it is....since I put in a special order for it! ;-)

Doesn't mean I can't feel overwhelmed at times (which, yeah I'm feeling about now)....but it also doesn't mean sometimes, the universe won't give me a break and help things to go really smoothly either!

So, for today I just put on my 70's road trip music mix and cruised along to undoing all the work I did in the fall to make sure the barrels fit nice and tight. This little fix will actually lighten the load a bit in preparation for the new boards.

taking off boards and repositioning the hurricane straps.

in the "zone", beautiful warm day enjoying the journey.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Counter Tops bought!

Today was a mostly indoor day with the rain. I managed to make some decisions that I was hesitating making....Realizing that sometimes I can't plan everything out and have to just do the only next step I am inspired to do. In this case...I knew I needed to order the 24' boards for building my three pontoons....I'll figure out the next steps after I see how creating the chords for those go.

I also knew I wanted rough cut lumber as my countertops and I wanted to finish them off myself...So today...I picked them out at Bartletts Sawmill and had him plane both sides giving me a thickness of 1.5 inches .

 I love them!

.....and am so excited to sand them down, clean them up and oil them down! I'm not entirely sure the best way to do the whole process...I just know I need to make it food grade ready so I don't have to worry about chemicals on food that will be placed on it. 

I also did a super fun thing....Stenciled out a mandala on my little firewood box! I love this shit! 

The other decision I made today is to order 1/4 inch plywood to cover over the target based roofing I meant to be temporary over winter....But can't really pull it off the surface it's on. So in order to do either the rubber waterproofing from Cinservation technologies or the waterproof desktop roof I will still need a fresh start ....So adding the 1/4 inch was the best and easiest option. I also realized I can commit to one roof at a time if I have to....Starting with the loft and installing the boat hatch. So, that helps me feel more like I can do this on my own without relying on someone to help me out like I did earlier in this project. Don't know it's it's I am enjoying working alone or if I've just gained more confidence...Or perhaps a bit of both....But it's what I feel inspired to do....So onward I move...In the direction of my insoiration!

My goal is to get the painting, trim, roof top, counter and raft done in the next four weeks and have her on the water.  Here's to dreaming big!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Primed for the next chapter

I gave up!

Rolling and brushing the primer on has proven to be a hugely ineffective way to deal with T1-11.
The roller seems to soak up more primer and has a hard time releasing the primer onto the board!

I looked into renting an air painter but realized it would be cheaper to just buy my own...Besides it would be something I could use on other projects, in a few years if I do end up having to repaint and would eliminate any time pressures.... Especially with all the rain lately!

Knowing what I know now after working all day with the spray gun....I would only ever recommend starting and back bruahing T1-11. You can't get away from the back brushing. The T1-11 is so porous that the sprayer does the best job of penetrating the fibers if the board, but the brush is still needed to really work it in. I see now the benefit and absolute necessity of the primer. The more this surface and those damned grooves in between can be sealed and smoothed with primer, the better the paint will stick and apply in the first place!

So, once I got into it...Like everything you initially dread...A simple attitude adjustment and determination and it was nice to just try to do my best.

And when the day was done and I stepped back...I felt I HAD done my best...And that was a nice feeling!

Plus an added bonus...They moved Erins tiny house next to my little home and come to find out...Mine didn't look nearly as large next to hers as it was looking all alone. I think having the smaller windows really makes it look big....Notice how her normal house sized windows makes hers look really small!
. Oh The illusions we let our minds believe!

Makes me feel even better about my plan to rebuild with three double Barrell pontoons and feeling more confident that the extra height in the loft won't throw off the stability with all the bouancy I'll gain!

Monday, May 14, 2018

physical setbacks and time to plan

sometimes.... ok probably ALL the time.... the universe has ways of saying...or for me YELLING...
"Hey, slow down and smell the roses"

Two weeks ago she said it to me my last day of skiing for the weekend

Yesterday she said it with a rolling stone (that had no moss)!

Notice how it's the same damn leg! Ugggg....and finally beautiful weather!
Well, at least in the process of the resting, staying off my legs/feet and thinking I've been given some insights on how to finish off the roof and the raft. 

I priced out options for straightforward pressure treated lumber. from Home Depot...NO more extra expense on the finest most expensive salt-water pressure treated stuff....nope....I've see the common stuff the marina uses and it's been holding up for years. this will also free me up to not have to wait around for special orders.

I priced some out to get my estimates together and figure I will just build one row of barrels at a time taking breaks in between as I go to vary up the tasks. I plan to finally learn my notching skills and do that instead of buying more hardware. 


I also decided I will go with a waterproof rooftop decking material that is all-in-one and do it in phases....first the loft roof so I can install the boat hatch and finish up the loft area so I can finally roll out the futon mattress that is sitting up there. Then I will deal with the larger roof and install the stove since I have all the attachments I need for that now! I will have to wait a minimum amount of time for the silicon to cure so any bright and dry day will work. Now, to just get it all ordered while I'm resting my ailments.

Friday, May 11, 2018

time to paint!

Finally, the rain is clearing up and I can get the primer on....
Only it wasn't an easy job like I had hoped!

The paint-advice guy in the store told me it would take 2 hours while I drank my coffee....maybe my problem is I DON'T DRINK COFFEE! Instead, I drink a raw cacao drink mixed with cinnamon, cloves and some tumeric.... And this two hours turned into a full day....and I'm still not done!

Took me a while to tape up the trim and the decking. Then I finally got set up with painting, figured out a system that worked ....that didn't really get resolved until the sun was going down. Paint-advice-guy advised me to do two coats...Maia the store gal, told me one would be fine as I walked in complaining that I needed at least one more gallon on top of the three I had already used (for only ONE coat). The T1-11 just absorbs it so quickly that one full roller of it only seems to spread a few feet. Then, on top of the time I rolled out most of the wide spaces on the siding I was still left with the little lines in between....


taping the place up

looks are deceiving...not even close to being done 

I had the energy just not the light to keep going.
After killing my hand trying to use a paintbrush to go between the lines I've decided to look into renting a paint gun....after looking at rental prices, I decided to buy one and see how it goes...besides I will most likely use it for other projects as well.

Unfortunately, I may not get to finish it off once again not looking good!'s great for my garden, just not my exterior painting!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

books have a home and continuing trimming out the place

This weekend I couldn't start the priming on the siding because of all the contact from the paint store was adamant about letting the surface dry for a week in between painting and rain! DAMN that doesn't help me getting into the water any time soon!

Oh, well, now I'm really learning to juggle...and fit things in where they can when they can. So, with rain stopping outside work, I focused on some fun inside stuff...

Got some bookshelves installed and I'm loving them! Customizing them to the books I love most!

first iteration

had a better idea when integrating
in my thrift store cabinet!

i also managed to finish out some trim work that I needed to get done as well. I stained everything last night to prep for today and tried to do most of the installing today. Like everything...I seemed to have greatly underestimated how much trim I needed and will have to do another round to finish it all up.







even found a transition threshold for the two floors.

At least it is coming along....and I'm happy.

And check out this cool tool the paint-advice guy told me was indispensable!  (Yeah, I'm a sucker and bought one!)

10 tools in one
i'm pulling out the hidden screwdriver!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

paint f-up!

Today I took my ordered 5 gal of elastomeric paint for the T1-11 siding to Home Depot to get the colors mixed in.
They told me to order it online and do as much so I followed their instructions. Yet, this is what happened....

Yeah, not quite the beautiful deep dark blue of the ocean abyss that I had in mind! The guy explained that because they don't sell the elastomeric paint the computer didn't have the correct formula for coloring and it was only able to add three gallons worth of color before the bucket was about to overflow! With no solution on hand, I had to go another route.

Luckily, home depot made the mistake and gave me a full refund....I went straight to the paint experts down the road at Sherman Williams. Where I met this painter of 40 years who gave me sound advice...use the Resilience with a primer and you'll be fine!

So, he walked me through the store as if he worked there and loaded me up with all that i needed!

So, glad....sometimes, making all the major decisions is tough work....I can get caught inside my own head wondering what is the best path to take....and sometimes there isn't a BEST path ....just a good enough for now path!

It's not's moving forward the best I least I'm still moving....and sometimes, that's all that really matters!

Insurance at last!

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