Monday, April 30, 2018

cushioning the blow

well, tonight was a tiny itsy bitsy baby step....
Right along with the actual tiny baby steps, I'm physically taking due to a skiing injury yesterday.

Which is fine, perhaps its just time for me to slow down a bit and remember to really enjoy this spring...I have no pressure to finish anything, so I will just go with the flow of life right now.

I wanted to soften the place up now that all walls ceilings and floors are done...almost like a mini move-in day. So, I tidied up some of the wires for the lighting and put the futon mattress in place with a few pillows for the couch. Now if I have visitors we will have somewhere cozy to sit! Also, a good place to ice and elevate my leg!

I also got the final approval from the marina to finish building my float frame according to a new design that will restore the two rows I took out for the trailer and protect the barrels from debris and moving on the truck. I can see her floating's all going to work out just fine, I can feel it. (Plus there is high confidence from my carpenter friend Dave!)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

laying the rest of the floor

Baby steps right many other spring cleaning and preparing things to do not much time left to build!

Today I just wanted to install the rest of the floor...mission accomplished!

a pano view of my finished floor in my tiny room!
I also spent lots of time ordering and planning for next lock reachout to really secure the place...ordered primer and elastomeric paint that should be arriving next week in time for the stellar good warm weather we are having.

Also researching more into finishing off the roof....looking into rooftop decking options to see if I can waterproof with that (there are some vinal systems that might be dual purpose for me)....If anyone out there has any suggestions I'm all ears!

Now, off to Vermont to do some spring skiing and officially close out the ski season....I've had quite a few ski adventures this season....but nothing like next season will be since I won't be knee deep into building a tiny floating home!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Some privacy, trimming and flooring

My last major work before my latest out of the country trip was working on the floor installation. I wanted to get back into it, but I also wanted to finish up the major interior carpentry to avoid sawdust getting all over the new floor (and in the cracks in those hard to reach places...if you know what I mean! ;-) )

So, I first worked to finish off the row of flooring that was unfinished when I last worked. I really have the system down now and it was easy, enjoyable and seamless....which is the ultimate goal more than even the look of the pieces together because we don't want our bare feet to feel those cracks!

I was very happy with my work and also decided to use a test piece of material on the table saw...I was using the scroll saw because I was worried the blade on the table saw would damage the material...thank goodness I did the test because it worked great and now I have nicer cuts and having it look more polished!

I didn't start the next row of flooring until I finished trimming out my kitchen octagon window. I had all the boards cut already and just needed to install them....hoping my cuts came out correct! At first I thought I really screwed up, however, after some quiet observation and realizing that a few of the boards were a few millimeters off I was able to fix them and love the result! (Thank goodness I learned from my previous efforts and used the big old outdoor screws instead of finish nails...made it easier to undo and fix my mistakes as well as update the trim in the future with a more creative design I have in mind)

before trim
after trim!

The most fun I had today was making curtain rods! I had a set of old used curtains that I had planned on using that had rods and mounting hardware but I couldn't find the rods/hardware anywhere! I looked for a few days baffled at where they could have gone....not like they were small and easy to hide! 

But, like all things in life it was fortuitous that I couldn't find them! Instead, I followed my inspiration and my heart and decided to find branches to continue to bring the outdoors in and truly make this home my dream!

I spent the morning searching the woods behind my house for the perfect branch. I was hoping for one to span the entire length...but knew it would be tricky to find one that long that would have the diameter that I needed for the holes in the curtains. I found a few candidates and while I pulled them out got the brilliant (and I'll admit Pinterest idea)  of also using the forking branches to hold up each "rod". As I cleaned off the bark it revealed secrets that nature had kept hidden to the unobservant eye!

Beautiful patterns created by the micro inhabitants of the forest were seen and added a depth of beauty and awe to my chosen materials! I was so excited with each inch of bark I excitedly removed...feeling as if I were Charlie looking for the Golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!

The sun was shining and warm, the birds were singing, I was so present in that moment, so happy to be right there doing what I was doing, I felt connected to the whole process and grateful to be so hugely involved in my own life. I was learning skills, learning about myself, about nature, how to work with nature as well as myself. It was a beautiful moment!

It didn't end there either! Bringing the materials and supplies to the site and taking my time to feel out how I wanted to install everything was so fun and even more satisfying when I stepped back to see the final result! Ahhhhhh happy again at the progress I am making!

the path of the curtains is similar to the path of my life!

love that i can drape them over the branches
to say hello to the world!

So thrilled with how it came out!
The last thing I needed to accomplish was the floor. Honestly, since I've gone in stages it's taken a bit longer, but it's been more enjoyable to break it up. And with getting the hang of it the next row went even smoother. Again, stoked to see the end result! I have one tiny section left and have just barely enough material to finish it! Yeah...there is some waste due to how I will have to cut them, but I will be using up the leftover material from the other floor color so that balanced it out. 

I also am using some of the leftover wood in my place to build a tiny wooden box that will fit the 6.5 inches sized wood I need for my stove. I will be using the experimental trim cuts I was playing with, which might actually make it a bit more artistic and whimsical than it would have been otherwise. 

But I'll need to save all those cuts and installation for tomorrow before I head up to Vermont for the weekend. (One last weekend of spring skiing to terminate the season! Hey, still gotta make time for physical pursuits/fun/exploration otherwise this whole thing would bog me down too much)

Now that I have a semi-locking door and privacy...I just need to finish the floor and then I will truly have a place to relax and recharge while I am still finishing up the work. I can't wait to move the futon mattress on to the futon couch/sleeper and add the throw pillows for a nice place to sit and have tea with my friends. I already have an enclosed incense box I brought back from Chile with me that I love to light when I am in there working and I've ordered a nice portable Bluetooth speaker to charge with my new mini solar panel array so the rest of my time will be filled with beautiful sounds to keep me company while I work and enjoy my little floating dream!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

keyed in

Tired from traveling back from Chile all day, yet rested from two weeks off from the build....I came home today and immediately got to work on the next phase of my floating home...Securing the premises!

I had ordered a lock set before I left for Chile and was hoping I'd be able to install everything myself. I looked at the instructions and was happy to know I COULD do this on my own. It really wasn't difficult after I read the instructions over a few times to make sure I really understood the whole process.

My only problem is that the inset part of the lock (called the pre-reachout I learned) looks like it needs to be replaced as it is not able to be finely adjusted and so on the rare occasion I can actually lock the door with the key (which is inconsistent) it still has a gap at the opening when attempting to pull the doors apart.

Luckily, I can order one online and should be ready to go in no time!

With the area secure, I feel better about having the stove and mattresses moved in and no unwanted visitors can snoop around now! :-)'s starting to feel so official now!

the pre-reachout i need to replace: part 1

the pre-reachout i need to replace: part 2

The new order needed.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A place to sit

I felt really strongly today to put together my futon sleeper couch so I could have a place to sit and be. I knew I needed to put in the floor before I did this but had resisted putting in the same floor that I used earlier in the bathroom closet area. I wasn't thrilled with the feel of the laminate or entirely happy with the over all look. It's not bad.... It's just my vision was natural wood or bamboo or even cork. However, sometimes we have to look at our dreams and reassess them in order to realize them. Sometimes holding on to exacting minute details can stop or progress or even stop an intuitive flow. Often it's really about the big picture, the end feeling the project gives versus the exacting execution of the ideas. I've maintained my overall vision for this entire process and am thirties with the outcome to up to now. And I have realized that many of the decisions I have made that seem like a sort of compromise, really turned out to be the best way to learn what I needed to learn at that phase of the project.

These floors are the perfect example... This material really is the most practical material for the location. I feel strongly in the long run, this material will withstand the humid conditions, the any accidents with too much water coming in from swimming in the river (also a clear vision I have for the goal of this floating home), or even to protect against possible water infiltration when the whole structure is moved down the boat ramp into the water for the first time! Also with the amount of possible movement of this structure and the possibility of an undulating floor due to the surface of the water or the transition from the jack stands to the water. Not to mention the absolute rear of installation!

Suddenly I began to love all that this material would offer and support. It may seem man made and less "green" of a material, however, all material originated from the earth. This still has the life force of that original material it was within it... It is "green" pulsing with life... If I only choose to sit and feel it.

But I need a place to sit!

Back to the original desire. So I quickly and spontaneously decided to continue on with the same material, happy and invigorated with this choice once again, and took the creative freedom to simply change the color and the style to better suit the room. I chose a darker color too compliment the darker wood as well as not detract from all the lightness and color I plan to flood the room with layer.  I'm an designing this place with much light dark contrast to have a continual reminder around me of the light we need to have accompanied by the shadow... Both are a natural post of life and necessary to live and feel fully.

I got boards this time that week all the same width as the variable width was more labor intensive. I also decided to orient then in the other direction so the would extend along the long wall. It was great knowing either side would match up at the threshold of the first floor. It was a bit tricky to get the first row started, but because I've worked with this before I was determined to n name sure it was installed tight. It took a few tries of doing and undoing, but I finally got it where I wanted it and started the second row. As soon as I made it past my half wall I stopped work on the floor and started work on the futon. It cloud bite me in the ass later.... But I felt I could have it as getting this first piece of furniture in today was a goal I knew I could accomplish and very much needed.

I had most of  the boards laid out and strained ready to assemble so it went pretty quickly. I had taken pictures earlier when i planned the whole thing, so I just made sure I followed along before screwing it all together. It was hugely satisfying watching this thing come together and using the trees as legs. I love how it all came out and am so excited that I will have a nice place to sit and relax!

Starting off the new floor

The frame all out together!

Platform is on...Ready for the mattress!
 It's looking more livable now!
I really love how things are turning out and am excited to continue plugging away. I still have a ton to do before it is even close to being water ready, but I'm no longer anxious or pressure by it. I'm thoroughly enjoying this crazy ride and feel it's opened even more does than I imagined when u began this process. Not to mention the incredible amount of exclusive and skills I have accumulated during the process... Hugely contributing to my self reliance and confidence!

Action is everything! 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Fire maker is here!

The cubic mini Grizzly stove arrived today and I am utterly shocked! I was so excited I took advantage of the light and the helping hands and immediately installed to just get the roof piece and I'll be heating with all the scraps I made doing multiple wrong cuts for my stairs!

I can't believe it!

easy install since all the hard work was done yesterday

4/3/18 update
I am so frigging upset right now! I just went to the stove shop in Salisbury and was extremely shocked to find out that the six attachments I need to get the pipe through the roof will cost almost 1.5 times what the stove alone cost. Of course, by the time I added the extensions I needed to cover the distance the pipe needed to go to get out of the roof I was already way over what I expected price wise. 

This extra cost was NOT at all anticipated...and then i was "burned" again by my lack of research into pellet stoves that wouldn't need all the same attachments because it doesn't burn as hot as a wood stove. However, my dream was to get free firewood from the woods nearby, and so....I pay more to stick with my realize my vision. 

Sometimes you have to learn to let go in order to move closer to your dreams...

...and in this case, i am learning to let go of my attachment to money!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

things are heating up!

Stair treads installed!

And looking FAB-U-LOUS!!!

finally trimmed out the crooked window!

up close details...damn I am getting GOOD! ;-)

I am so happy at the outcome of these stairs!


that's my lesson.

It felt so fabulous to trim out these windows that have been waiting so long. I don't know what I was avoiding...

suppose I was just waiting for the proper inspiration to come along and tie it together for me....I'm glad I waited...I love it.
Finally all of the insulation is covered...
last barnboard row sets it apart and i love it
I got a super HUGE surprise in the mail today...I just put my order for this stove said it would be 3-4 weeks...I got it in 3-4 days! I spent the end of today installing the wall hanging unit where I wanted it. Aiming to have the top of the stove at countertop height so it will feel like a regular cooking stove next to the counter! And it will be near the futon, so it will be fun to cuddle up on it and get warm with a nice cup of tea or cacao drink! :-)

getting ready for the wood burning stove!

The best part was having my kids happily hang with me all day. Sure it was Easter, but we bought them some material of their choosing so they could cuddle in for a movie later and they learned some skills and practiced some techniques as well as lent me much needed hands to help  me make sure everything was level and solid! Awesome helpers!

having fun with the drill gun.

undoing some of my earlier stair mistakes

popping packing bubbles was the highlight for this gal!

Insurance at last!

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