Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tight seal

 tonight I tried to take advantage of the "warmer" weather by caulking. This little exercise made me realize two things...In 40 degree weather the space heater helps the caulking job along by warming up it up to an effortless application, and also....Boy would I have done a better job at fitting things together more exactly!

 Sometimes in my rush to get it enclosed and tired and coldness I ended up doing something just good enough instead of really good. And I see where it will cost me now.

Notes for the future.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The doors are in!

Can I just say...,WOW!!!! Fucking wow!
This is the most real that any of this has felt....roof totally on and now structure totally enclosed.

Accomplished my goals pre-thanksgiving trip and get I all enclosed before i leave and tomorrow I leave!

Had to add the end blocks to where the new Joist location is that made room for the boat hatch...

...then had to add the end pieces to box it in. Finally zipped down the loft roof and put the ice shield on it and Harper it up for the winter.

Dave stopped by to help me install the doors and it was surprisingly simply! Great design by Anderson for sure. It’s will be temporary as I will take them out again when the boat goes in the water just to make sure the structure doesn’t damage them.

Looking forward to a week off...but then again, now the fun really begins! Getting the windows installed and doing the decorative trim I have in mind are really gonna be places this project will shine for me!

Looking forward to the next phase!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dear diary

Yesterday an article came out in the Newburyport news on me and my little floating home. Inspired by Dawn after she helped me out framing to pay me back for helping her with a catering job. I loved the article and that she focused on my desire to connect to nature and learn. It got many positive responses and an outpouring of congratulations. It made me bold and excited and feel like I'm on the right path to unknown amazing destinations!

 This is living in your element…

This is being on MY right path!

And I feel no pressure, I'm learning tons and able to fix things and know what to worry about and what not to (most things).

In fact yesterday I had issues with the ice and water shield for the roof and was able to just solve it on my own with confidence. I also was able fix the joists in the roof to get it ready for the boat hatch.

I have more people interested in helping out now and giving me pointers, and I take it all in stride. Grateful for everything and any offers. I see this a a tool to help me build community too. Funny how I had planned earlier this year to live in a regenerative community someday planning this build as my way to gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for me to make a contribution...and yet it feels like I’m creating that community right here, right now.

I see first hand now the myriad of benefits following your heart leads to...things unimaginable...things we limit ourselves with because ..well,that’s what everyone does and what everyone is raised to do.

Hard to break out of it...but a vision certainly helps!

And boy do I have a BIG vision in a tiny package!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Breaking News

Breaking News - Article about my build!

I was interviewed by Carol Finegold last week about my tiny floating home and was just informed that
It should be online tonight or tomorrow, and in the print edition of the Newburyport Current on Friday morning.

keep your eyes peeled

Hey it's online !!!
Read all about it here

Monday, November 13, 2017

Watch the entire building process....

I've decided to post the link to my google photos album of the work being done...often pics will be uploaded there automatically before I have time to create a blog entry.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Raising the roof

The last loft wall was finishes by an elf this morning and then I managed to finish the main roof today.

Wow is it really starting to shape up. And it seems I'm close to making my goal of getting it enclosed before cold/snow comes. Yeah...Also got help installing the door frame today which means the door can go in soon and them it will really be close to enclosed!

Also got lots of visitors today...Lots of opinions and advice...Which I'm always happy to take!

Best of all Erin stopped by to chat ...It's fun having the pioneer woman at the marina here...Hard to believe it was in Feb that I helped her hammer up some interior paneling and now here it is Nov and I'm building my own!

It really is amazing when you have a dream/vision of something to watch it take shape with focused daily/weekly action. Anything really IS possible ...We just need to ACT!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lofty dreams

The slow day today was "heightened" by building the loft walls.

For such small walls...22 inches to be exact....They were the most complicated to build. Making sure the header and the window fit within the space with proper support took some figuring out....But we did it!

(Got more help from Dave my carpenter mentor friend)
After a few lessons in the importance of measuring three time nailing once (wink wink) we managed to get them together and nailed into place by sunset!

Today even more than before I’m learning how important accurate measurements are. And what things are okay to fudge and what things  must be exact!

Friday, November 3, 2017

On the side...

Got most of the T1-11 siding on today! It's really starting to look like something  now!

I'm so happy today! 😁

The guys admiring my work

Nice to have an extra set of hands putting these up.

Did this wall by myself...

And she’s looking more real everyday!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Roofing it

Fixed some flashing issues yesterday and managed to get three roof joists up before dark. Today, with some help from my cute little shadow, we managed to get all the joists /rafters up to where the loft will be!

Yeah....Tomorrow I'll build the loft walls and them with some extra hands Friday the siding will finally go up!

Insurance at last!

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