Wednesday, July 4, 2018

the Day of Artistic Independence!

After waking up in time for the roof to be ready to finish painting, I got it all done and excitedly installed the sun in my sky!


i am so pleased with the end reflect soul....where Air of a special land meets the Watery flow of deep blue oceans that result in a Firey explosion of passion and feeling. What if all of our homes were actual reflections of us...what we are on the inside? 

What would happen if we all started living inside out!?

Well, whatever the world decides to do....I know I like living insde-out!

Happy Independence Day!

How independent are you....really?

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

realizing the brilliant vision - back to art!

You can accomplish so much more with a good start....
(kale, cacao, maca, acai, banana, coconut manna, bee pollen, hemp seeds, almond milk, greek yogurt and Ashwagandha root!)

My "good start".... powerful shit!
Finding the joy in my art piece I spent time getting this ready for installation on the 4th of July tomorrow! Day of freedom in many ways for me!

I'll just post the pics of the process without words....sometimes, I am finding....words are just too much....stillness, patience and observation can say so much....

I love the details and how it all ended up....I fully trusted the process the entire time....never once doubting myself, my actions or my choices....true for my whole life these days....and it feels good.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

painting perceptions


OMG....I have to figure out how to enjoy this part of the journey...but everything, I slow down and am grateful to FEEL.

Thank you for the ability to feel tonight....even if not all that pleasant....the good days coming will feel that much better! And so, I am grateful to have something to look forward to as well.

feeling fucking exhausted right now

I have to say, however, in the midst of the pain, I have been able to find appreciation in the opportunity for a second (and third and fourth and fifth) chance.  I am grateful that my technique has improved noticeably and that my efficiency has as well as my confidence and knowledge of the materials I am working with. 

I know sometimes I am intense about things, this has helped me to meter that intensity a bit. It has also helped me to love my intensity...because without it....projects like this would never even get started. 

I see the value of laying it on thick in a counter-intuitive way, as working with this acrylic has shown me. It will build the extra buffer for the security of what lies on the inside. That is the thick skin I need moving forward as I prepare to build the raft and eventually launch it into WATER! I need to be prepared for it not floating....I need to be prepared to redo the entire thing, or possibly invest in a way I hadn't planned. My plans may all get completely changed at that point...and I have to be as flexible as this paint in knowing it is the end result of being on the water that matters....not the exact details in how I get to that point. 

I love this crazy uncomfortable completely liberating process. I feel so lucky to have ventured out on my own to do this, to live it, to learn so much in every area from it and to OWN it! 

Insurance at last!

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