Friday, June 21, 2019

adding the second beam - moving the tension rods and cutting drops

I didn't have much time to work today, but I tried to squeeze at least one little task in so I could keep the momentum so, I prepped for adding the second beam by simply moving the tension rods.

Luckily that was mostly simple and uneventful.

I knew I would need space the width of the 2x6" boards

Then I moved on to cutting the drops that would hold the second beam in place. Still not quite sure exactly how I will install seems I might have to take apart one entire row of barrels just to have the room to move and use the tools...I really hope there is another way...but, I'm in this to float, so I'll do whatever it takes at this point.

second beam location

the blue tape marks the spot...per marina boys

I moved the tension rod over to the left to make way for the 2x6 "drop"

2x6" board I cut to support the beam

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