Friday, June 14, 2019

inch by inch part 2

Today's adventure in slow-moving vertical growth....wait am I talking about life or my tiny floating home?! :-) Seems like they are in parallel these days...

Day two of solo raising the structure and honestly, I was quite pleased with myself and my ingenuity to get the job done.

I was having a tough time getting the smallest jack stand in place to raise underneath the beam, I then took a page out of what I had learned from the carpenter and built a small crib from the blocks in the yard and fetched my jack for changing tires our of my car. It worked out beautifully, allowing me just enough relief to put the jack stand in place and switch between them taking up the slack. I then was able to secure the beam at both ends and the middle better for when I added the two  6 inch long 3/4" lag screws.

I got enough screws for one every couple of feet, however, even when I borrowed an angle drill from the marina shop, I wasn't able to get enough space to install them. So I'll have to think of something else to finish off that job.

In the meantime...I know it's baby steps...but it feels really good to go away for the weekend knowing that I got one beam in place. One more to go and then reinforcing the lift area and I'll be floating...I know I will...I can taste WILL happen, and SOON!

success! Beam in place ...beam me up! (Scotty! lol)

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